Perth men using beards to promote skin checks in Western Australia

2016-01-01 (17:15:07)

A Perth man is using his beard to encourage Western Australian men to get skin cancer checks.
While Jimmy Niggles Beard Season have the east coast covered when it comes to getting men booked in for skin checks, Angelino Schintu felt his home state was a little behind the eight ball.
"Thanks to Jimmy there's heaps over east but there's bugger all in Perth," Mr Schintu said.
"I was motivated to organize something to get fellas to feel the need to get their skin checked for cancer".
For those unaware, Beard Season was started by Jimmy Niggles as a way to tackle the growing impact of melanoma.
More than 46,000 people die from skin cancer each year making it one of the deadliest cancers in the world.
Jimmy launched the movement to honour his friend Wes Bonny, who lost his life to melanoma at 26.

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