How is your billing system?
We bulk bill all the consults for skin check. For specific services like Mole Mapping and full body digital photography there is a separate charge that will be advised by your doctor.
If surgical intervention or treatment is required there is an excess fee for consumables costs not covered by Medicare. This means that the treatment cost is still paid by Medicare leaving a very affordable expenses for surgical and dressing materials.

What is your working hours?
Current hours for ESCC is Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Where are you located and how can we book an appointment?
Ellenbrook skin cancer clinic (ESCC) is located within Total Health Ellenbrook Family Practice in Main street. ESCC is an independent skin clinic discrete from the family physician services of the practice. Therefore not all the physicians within the practice are accredited skin cancer doctors although they might check your skin upon their own experience.
In order to book for skin cancer check you can call Total Health Ellenbrook Family Practice at 08 62967833 asking for skin check. The very friendly reception desk staff will organise the appointment time that suits you most.