Who we are

ESCC is a procedural dermatology clinic mainly dedicated to diagnose and treat various skin cancers.
Skin Cancer College of Australia (SCCA) is the first and leading college in the world awarding fellowship to Doctors in Skin cancer. They provide education to physicians providing them with the highest qualification on how to address early detection and proper treatment of the most common skin cancers threatening lives of many Australians each year.
All of our doctors are active members of SCCA and highly trained on dermoscopy and plastic surgeries used in procedural dermatology.
We combine academic knowledge, experience and the newest technologies to achieve the best standards in detection and treatment of skin malignancies.
Mole Max HD is the most recent technology worldwide in digital mole checking and mole mapping. It allows out physician to diagnose high risk moles as well as any slight changes in the previously scanned lesions. This provides the highest accuracy by hiring ultrasensitive cameras and sophisticated computer programmes.
Apart from malignant lesions we can help you with cosmetic and elective removal of benign lumps and bumps on your skin.