Treatment and Skin Cancer care has never been more affordable than now.
We offer bulk bill for the consultations for skin check.


We are aware that the cosmetic outcome of your surgery can be as concerning as the cancer itself.
If surgical intervention is necessary we offer dermatology and plastic surgery techniques tailored to your individual type and location of the the skin cancer being treated. Therefore we strive to offer you the best options when it comes to the cosmetic outlook.


At ESCC we don't sacrifice quality for the cost.
Staff have access to the some of the best medical and surgical equipment to ensure that we offer our patient the best treatment and cosmetic result.
Our nursing staff have surgical training and are able to offer advice in wound care and dressing requirements.
We also stock a wide range of surgical dressings, which is essential to minimise surgical scars.


Despite the fact that skin cancers are more prevalent that other cancers, only a small minority of people have annual screening. There is a reasonable social awareness about cancer screening for cervical cancers ( pap smear test), Breast cancer ( by mammogram), colorectal cancer ( occult blood test on faeces).
A skin cancer check up is a non-invasive procedure yet so many of us leave our skin unchecked and neglected leaving us open to become a skin cancer melanoma statistic.
Experience shows most of the people are not familiar with alarming signs of malignant skin lesions.


Statistics show despite general awareness about Melanoma, incidence of this highly fatal cancer has doubled in the past three decades and is still increasing. The most important factor determining prognosis and mortality rate is the depth and thickness of melanoma. Prognosis deteriorates significantly in Melanomas thicker than 0.7-1mm. On the other hand the best prognosis is for melanomas less than 0.4mm deep. It is not unusual for some melanomas to grow as fast as 0.5mm in a month. For more details see Mole Mapping.
Early diagnosis of Melanoma is only possible by utilising a DERMATOSCOPE allowing the skilled examiner to view moles in detail and detect signs of malignancies which are not visible by naked eyes.

We hunt the life hunters

Did you know that you will be more likely to suffer a cancer of the skin that heart diseases?!
In 2014, about 128,290 Australians were diagnosed with skin cancer An estimated 149,990 are expected to be diagnosed in 2020 The risk of developing skin cancer before the age of 85 years is 1 in 2 in men and 1 in 3 in women.
In 2010, the five most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia were prostate cancer (19,821 cases), bowel cancer (14,860 cases), breast cancer (14,308 cases), melanoma (11,405 cases) and lung cancer (10,296 cases)
Did you know that the risk of developing Melanoma is more related to the inherited genes than chronic sun exposure?!
Did you know that QLD and WA have the highest incidence of Melanoma skin cancer in Australia?

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